If you are young and Jewish and happen to reside in San Antonio, YJSA is the place for you. The most amazing thing about the organization is that it has something for everyone. There are members who first join because the taste of homemade chicken soup and fresh challah reminds them of their home, which for many is hundreds of miles away. Some members are able to use YJSA as a setting to reconnect with former classmates that they have not seen in years. Others first came across YJSA because they were looking for a sedar during Passover or some bagels to break fast with. The reasons for joining YJSA vary from wanting to learn more about Judaism to wanting to meet Jewish girls (not the easiest thing to do in SA), yet one thing is the same for everyone once they join, they become a member of the YJSA family.
-David Kaplan

"Flaws you see in others are reflections of yourself" had me in thought for at least a week. It is great to relax, drink a beer, and learn something about Judaism, life, and happiness. Great class!
-Mark Becher